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About Us

  • Family And Friends of NWI is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization formed in 2007. We strive to encourage mentally chanllenged indivuduals to become as independent as possible, by inviting them to be socially active in the community..


  • Family and Friends Monthly Themed Social Dances are for Indivudals who are intellectual and related developmental disabilies and their peers. These fun, festive dances are a good opportuity for our consumers to spend time with their friends, meet new people and just let loose and have fun..


  • Family and Friends Themed Dances Serves To:

  • encourage Indidvuals who have moderate to mild disabilites and/or wheelchair bound to dance and socialize in an intergrated setting (with handicapped and non- handicapped indiviudals. ) and is in safe environment and is wheel chair excessible.....







  • Family and Friends of NWI is a 501 (c) (3) Non-for profit organization. Our organization provide Information on Out reach Services, Community Activites and Socialization Programs to improve Developmentally Changelled Individuals, while maintaining a higher level of independence and diginity. Family And Friends Programs help participates to identify their needs and problems that may prevent them from experrencing a quality lifestyle. Our programs are soley to help our Seniors and Developmentall Challenged Adults and Chlldren...​



Claudia Jones Blake

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